Walk-Through for DigiBahn Game Level

A few days ago I made a video highlighting the finished game, essentially a walk-through of the environment. After capturing the video with FRAPS, I put the computer on standby and went off to teach. Once I came back to the office a few hours later I found, to my horror, that the computer would not run. The technicians at the university said it was loose RAM, which may have caused a short that fried the motherboard.

I just got the computer back, so I decided quickly to upload the video I had made before anything else happened to the computer:

That’s it for now in terms of game development; I’ll be focusing now on the development of the instructional materials. Once I get everything organized and ready for distribution, I will post links to where it all can be downloaded.

2 thoughts on “Walk-Through for DigiBahn Game Level

  1. Hey, I might not post on my blog or comment on yours for a long time (meaning until Easter), because for us Catholics, it's Lent, which is a time of penance and giving up things that we love. But I might be able to comment on St. Patrick's Day.


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