And Thus It Begins

After conducting some initials test of importing Blender models into Unity, I decided that it was time to begin development of the game in earnest. I fired up Unity, started a new project, imported a Blender model, and saved the scene. Here’s what I got so far:

A modest start, but at least I’m moving forward. In the coming days (weeks, months?), I will be working my way through Will Goldstone’s Unity Game Development Essentials while creating my own game. I’m very happy that Unity can read Blender files natively, which grants me much more flexibility in actually developing the game. I can, for example, import a Blender model, see how it looks in the game, make any necessary changes to the Blender file, have the changes automatically update in Unity, and then move on to importing the next game resource. In this manner, I think I will be able to develop the whole game in a step-wise manner. 

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