Game Finally Coded

I have been working feverishly these last few days, hoping to get get my game coded before the semester begins. Once the semester begins, I’ll have my hands full with grading, teaching, and the what-have-yous of being a university professor. And although I won’t be testing the game until the end of the semester, experience has taught me that the end always has a tendency of sneaking up. So, better to get it done sooner than later. Here’s what I got:

I finished just in time, as I was starting to get loopy from writing code. This morning I was getting frustrated from making changes to a certain script but not seeing any difference in gameplay. Then I realized that I was editing a script for a totally different object than the one with which I was interacting. Time for a break!

Now that all the game logic is coded, I just have to add a few more game objects (e.g., bottles and trash) and then think seriously about how I will instructional the game. Sure, I have a general idea about what topics will be covered, but I need to think about prior knowledge that players may have and sequencing the instruction. In sum, a good chance for me to put my ideas from an earlier article into effect. Once that is done, I will be making student supporting materials (e.g., homework) using Scribus. After that, well, hopefully an article and national open-source distribution of the project.

2 thoughts on “Game Finally Coded

  1. Hi Natron1! No question is a stupid question. Anyway, by getting the game “finally coded,” I simply meant that I wrote the script in C# that will control the logic of the game. If, for example, a player picks up a bottle, he or she will get 5 points. Things like that.


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