Reimporting Blender Models

Have been busy these last few days putting the finishing touches on the new and improved city museum for the game and have begun reimporting already-developed models. I will be using the opportunity to change the format of the textures from .png to .jpg as the latter seems to be much smaller in size and Unity can handle them better. Here’s a screen capture of what I’ve got so far:

Once I get a spare moment I will make a video of a walk-around to better illustrate the virtual space. Broke my hand – again – so I’m having to manage Blender and Unity with a left-mouse configuration; at least for the next four or so weeks. Good thing I already have most of the development work already done. 

2 thoughts on “Reimporting Blender Models

  1. I was doing some remodeling around the house, made some mistakes in drilling, got mad, and hit the wall. Too bad reality doesn't have a Ctrl-Z option. The screenshot is from Unity with models I made in Blender.


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