First Animation Render in Blender!

Well, it took me the better part of the evening to render ~ 13 seconds of video in Blender, but I finally got it knocked down. I didn’t take too much time for cleaning up or smoothing the meshes, so some areas are a bit rough. I just wanted to test out Blender’s animation capabilities and see how the meshes looked:

We tried to make the scene as realistic as possible to the lower part of the Königstraße in Stuttgart. However, as the pedestrian area would simply be too large for inclusion in the game level, we decided to limit the area through the inclusion of buildings one would normally find in the pedestrian area. The Deichmann building is actually based on the fassade of a building in Oldenburg. Some random information from the rendering process:

400 frames
30 frames/sec
13.33 seconds in length, without intro and extro
23075 vertices
25075 faces

And, in case you are interested, here is a screen capture of .blend file from which the animation was rendered:

Some of the camera turns went a bit quick, making me fairly dizzy, so I lowered the frame rate by 40% while adding the intro and extro in Camtasia. I should be able to do the same in Blender, but I just needed quickly to convert the file to the .mov format before I could upload it to the blog. I also noted that rendering lagged with the light posts; probably because I extracted a circle mesh along a Bezier curve to get these figures, which resulted in a high number of vertices. There also seemed to be a lot of lag time in areas of intense light, which means I should keep an eye on my light sources. All in all, a good first attempt.

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