Delving Into Python: Free Stuff!

I just love free programming resources, don’t you? Since the Blender game engine uses Python as its programming language of choice, I recently decided to dust off my coding skills (I went all the way up to C3, data structures and algorithms, while retooling as an unemployed, post-PhD graduate) and get more involved with Python. But where to begin?

I found an excellent and thorough introduction to Python, Dive Into Python, on the Web. Good stuff, and even funny! Looking for an IDE I was able to find Komodo Edit 5, which seems to have some good reviews and a Python plug-in. There are some other Python editors out there as well, I’m thinking of Pydev and Eric, but I’ve played with Komodo in the past for PHP and thought I would revisit it now in a different context. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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