Initial Blender Experiments

For the last few weeks we have been working on getting meshes created in Maya and Blender. Just to see what they look like together, I threw some together this morning for a quick render:

In the next few days I will focus on getting the handrails on the escalator ironed out; the mesh here is a bit choppy and no amount of smoothing in Blender will get rid of the lines. After playing around with the model, I think that it is simply a matter of extruding a some new, continuous edges and connecting the vertices where necessary. The less connections I do by hand, so it seems, the better. And I gotta add some railings around the pit; wouldn’t want anybody falling in. So that you can see the “business end” of the software, here is an image of the Blender interface:

Looks like the cockpit controls for a Airbus A380, nein? And, finally, here are some photographs of the real place, the Klett-Passage in Stuttgart, for comparison:

Coming soon: Importing more models, removing unwanted vertices to speed up rendering (does this mean good-bye to the vertex-rich tree?), applying textures to the meshes, a video walk-though of the 3D environment, and — eventually — tinkering around with the Blender game engine.

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