I have been involved in a variety of short- and long-term projects that have expanded my expertise in digital game-based learning (DGBL) and instructional simulations, blended and online learning, open educational resources (OER), three-dimensional (3D) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, and digital curriculum design. Hands-on development work in these projects has equipped me with a flexible digital and theoretical toolset that can be applied toward any digital liberal arts project and that are particularly useful for digital cultural heritage and spatial humanities projects. I have experience with audio editing software (Audacity), screencasting and video editing software (Camtasia), version control software (Git), photogrammetry software (3DF Zephyr), 3D modeling software (Blender and 3ds Max), 3D painting software (Substance Painter), game programming (C# and Unity), and open source VR code libraries (VRTK).

Past and ongoing projects include:


The Uncle Sam (Constancia) Plantation: The Uncle Sam (Constancia) Plantation was a 19th-century sugar plantation located near Convent in St. James Parish, Louisiana. Before the plantation complex was razed in 1940 to make room for a river levee, floor plans and elevations of the buildings were produced by the Historic American Building Survey. Incorporating 3D models based on these floor plans and elevations, this VR simulation will virtually recreate the spaces of the plantation complex and tell the lost histories of the people who lived there.

The VR Heorot Project: Continuing the work of The Grinnell Beowulf, the project will construct a VR simulation of Heorot based on archaeological excavations of Viking meadhalls in Denmark and England, particularly the hall at Lejre, as well as accounts from historical and poetic records from the early Middle Ages. The project will help modern readers of Beowulf to better understand the civic spaces that helped shape the poem’s social structures, allowing them to see how the layout of the hall contributes to its function as a political and social arena.


The Digital Bahnhof (DigiBahn) Project: The DigiBahn Project is a 3D graphic adventure game that teaches German recycling and waste management practices in a simulated real-world space. Future versions of the game will include challenges requiring students to navigate a virtual German train station and environs while meeting specific instructional goals. Project development is detailed on the DigiBahn blog.

Ausflug am Wochenende nach München Interactive Fiction Game: Ausflug am Wochenende nach München is an interactive fiction game that introduces students to the German vocabulary and culture necessary to navigate a train station while in Germany. By means of an interactive text-based interface that responds to student input, the game mediates the experience of preparing for rail travel in Germany and transmits cultural values by engaging spending practices, travel preferences, and interaction with cultural agents.


The German Professor YouTube Channel: The German Professor YouTube Channel is an digital repository for open educational resources and a social media platform for facilitating program growth and outreach. The channel hosts a collection of closed captioned, high definition instructional videos with links to PDF study sheets and OpenOffice Impress slides. All site materials are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Wege in den Beruf: German For Your Career: Wege in den Beruf: German For Your Career is a prototype open online course for teaching business German to students at the secondary and post-secondary levels. The course seeks to promote the study of the German language and culture by connecting the study of the German language and culture to increased career opportunities for students.